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There are many different ways of trading. Traders can choose, among others, to follow the trend, observe the colors of candles on the chart or use Price Action Trading.

Let's take a closer look at this latest guide. While price action trading is usually associated with currency trading, it can be successfully applied in any other market.

Price action review

Price Action is nothing like a trading technique. The essential component of this technique is the asset price. Traders read the chart and make a decision based primarily on the current price of the asset. They are convinced that this is the most valuable information needed to make a transaction. Sometimes they even believe, this is the only one needed, so they don't use extra help from indicators.

Reason for price action

The biggest advantage is that in Price Action trading you don't need to complicate the chart with multiple indicators. You just need to focus on the actual price.

Those involved with Price Action claim that markets are predictable, there is nothing that didn't exist before. History likes to be repeated. So the price will fluctuate within some range. Taking into account the above, Price Action traders can predict the price behavior at a given time.

Therefore, they will look for patterns that repeat themselves. And they want to answer the question about the direction of the price at a certain point. When they do, their decision can be very accurate.

Price action trading on Quotex

Traders have their preferences about chart types. I think the candlestick chart is the most transparent, but the bar chart will do too. Both contain the same pricing information that is needed to trade successfully. You will distinguish the open, high, low and close price for a given time frame.

How to trade using Price Action on Quotex
Bar chart and candlestick chart contain the same price data (OHLC)

As I already mentioned, Price Action traders do not like additional indicators. The reason for this is mainly the lag of the indicators. However, support and resistance lines can be desirable.

And that's because the price behavior is commonly predictable after the moment of touching the support/resistance level. Here is an example of how the Price Action trader can read the chart. We have a helpline here. You can see how the good price reacts with this level. Number 1 is a bullish pinbar. It is a clear signal to enter a long (buy) position. Number 2 is a bullish candlestick pattern. It is also a signal to buy GBPUSD. It's about reading price behavior, identifying key support and resistance levels, and knowing how to react to repetitive price patterns like candlestick formations.

How to trade using Price Action on Quotex
Price Action traders are focused on price behavior at key price levels

What is needed for effective Price Action trading on Quotex?

First of all, you need to learn about price charts. You will need to familiarize yourself with different chart types and signals that you can read from them.

Next, you must develop an ability to spot price patterns. This means that you also need to master drawing support and resistance lines.

Over time, you will have a more intuitive awareness of how prices behave when they reach certain trend points. You will be more confident in drawing trend lines and recognizing trends in general. You will see that levels that were previously resistance to price movements become support after being broken.

How to trade using Price Action on Quotex
Analyzing horizontal support resistance levels and dynamic trend lines

The analysis of sequences of tops and bottoms provides additional information about the trend structure. This helps Price Action traders identify when the market is changing direction.

How to trade using Price Action on Quotex
Using higher timeframes to identify key levels

You can use price action on any time frame. Use higher ranges to see the so-called big picture with the main and most important price levels. You can then use a shorter time frame to identify exact position entry points.

How to trade using Price Action on Quotex
Using price action gives you a better understanding of price movements

And the only thing left to do is trade and check the Price Action for yourself. However, you should be careful if you are using real money. Even though it is a reliable and useful strategy, Price Action Trading is not risk-free. Always be prepared to face losses.

Tell us how you find it. There is the comments section below.

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